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ESEA is a scam (proof below)

For those who are not familiar with ESEA, you can find more information here:
For those who have heard of ESEA as a service, I am confident that they have also heard of the Bitcoin mining incident. You can find more information about it, although the spicy details have been deleted from Youtube, however I happen to have the files on my PC. That's not why we are here today. We are here to show you that this is still the same poor, greedy service as the one last year and the years before, its protagonist being Eric "lpkane" Thunberg, the usual suspect and,accidentally, owner of ESEA.
Two days ago, this topic was created: "Rather than further nickel and dime everyone, I dusted off an old concept that we started working on in 2009 dubbed ESEA Insider. Building on that, we've created a new account tier that gives users higher account limits, greater interaction with top pros, and the chance to stand out from the crowd." he quotes. In reality, besides the new ugly star icons, this offers nothing but features that premium subscribers already deserve and have actually been promised to aquire. It deliberately forces the community to upgrade their premium service, as their service clearly focuses on improving "Insider", rather than improving the gaming experience for the huge base of basic premium users. That being said, their service suffers from a number of issues, I will address the most important ones here,
  1. Flawed kick system for pugs: Forces one person to be responsible for kicking others, leads to constant abuse, both from the pug moderator and from other players. Since the .kick list is quite vague and miss other, fundamental reasons to kick someone, trolls get away with it. Let's give an example. Reason to kick someone: "A player repeatedly slashes you with his knife and reveals your position." However, a player in-game decides to use his pistol or rifle to reveal your position. As a pug moderator, you kick the person responsible. That person creates a support ticket, stating that he didn't use his knife to reveal your position etc. Result? You are banned, he is not. It happens every day, trust me.
  2. Flawed support system: If you open a support ticket, it rarely has the outcome you expect. Especially for suggestions to improve the subscribers' overall experience, you get a blatant "no", unless lpkane is in a good mood. Sometimes a bald guy named Tim is going to redirect you to forum's rules and warn you that abusing the support system leads to a ban.
  3. Pug-leaves. This has been mentioned around 10 times, the ones I counted since I'm sure more people have mentioned it. As soon as you leave a pug, either disconnecting due to internet problems or due to CSGO crashing (and it does crash often), you get an instant -k and your slot is available to anyone. Which leads you to get a pug-leave ban as well. Take into account that karma plays a vital role in someone's reputation, his chance of being pug moderator (mod is chosen based on karma) and if a user has karma below -50 he can't join any pugs. Sounds cool, right? Deffinately something you pay to experience, right?
  4. ESEA client. Not only it does more than you think it does but, there seems to be no point. Multiple cheaters are not being caught, the ones who are caught are usually banned before Play-offs, after having destroyed the entire Season. Rumor has it that even a 5$ product was bypassing their client for three months, not to mention other cheat providers dominating them for 1+ year. Doesn't look like the 7$ / m for a cheat-free environment are justified here, do they?
Now, in a community that is filled with trolls and other immature subjects, it's common for an admin to be strict. However, being strict has nothing to do with being abusive. There are countless reports of an admin banning a player from ESEA for just stating a different opinion than their own. Guess what, this happened today, again, with lpkane being responsible for it. Read through this entire thread: Users who got banned: , , (who is accidentally starting the thread). Long story short, these three users are stating that Insider is taking features that premium already should provide and that ESEA is greedy asking for more. Which is something a lot of users agree to and support it by refusing to purchase "Insider" premium. Lpkane on the other hand insists on saying that this money will serve as his fuel for his trips with his plane to Carribean islands and that his progress throughout the years is solid evidence that he has the right to do pretty much whatever he wants, without listening to others. That would of course be why he was in court for infecting his own customers and using their machines to mine bitcoins. Or maybe just a coincidence. Bottomline is, once he was cornered to reveal his true intentions about project "Insider", he got nervous and banned everyone, under the reason "malicious activity". Last time I checked the dictionary, the term "malicious activity" is not connected in any way to what happened here. He simply shuts anyone's mouth at any time, banning them (and their IDs) from his client. That's how Eric "lpkane" Thunberg takes care of "his" problems. In order for him to jastify his action, he labeled them all "unsatisfied customers" and "refunded" them their 7$, before of course banning them. Now, if he wanted to let someone unsubscribe, he could just let it happen, I suppose? Or maybe refund them, without banning them. Banlist also shows that a large number of "premium" customers chargebacked and took their money back, being totally unsatisfied with ESEA service. They all received a 1 year ban and -100 karma penalty, since a user quotes "lpakne is going to collect". Well, he certainly did.. not. Bottomline is, the guy shows his true face once more and dooms people that dare question him and his intentions in a proper, polite manner, within their legal boundaries, inside ESEA's forum. I certainly wouldn't want to be labeled as "banned" from any league and be forbidden to enter as a way to make me feel better. Doesn't really make sense, does it?
Funny thing is, lpkane deliberately did this and was aware that it may be posted on reddit later on (or somewhere else). Being the charming, sarcastic fellow we know him to be at his 30's, he quotes "say hi to reddit from me". So, I'd like the Reddit community know that Eric "lpkane" Thunberg says "hi", he is aware and satisfied with his service being on the spotlight for all the wrong reasons once more and he certainly doesn't give a damn as he did last time. Of course that was before the law-suit and ehm.. some money that was to be paid and... and some tiny damage to their reputation, if there was any left.
If you are a premium ESEA user, you have anough evidence to think twice about extending your subscription. If you are a regular user registered there, head over and read the links I provided and be aware of what's really happening over there, because you may hear the word "progress" a lot, yet there never seems to be any. If you are just browsing reddit and found yourselves reading this report topic, let everyone know about it. I'm not here to tell you to stay away, escpecially for Americans that's a tough decision since CEVO is the only other option. However, since ESEA wants to expand in Europe, we can inform you all about what's coming for your 7$ / m. Choice is yours.
ps: Apologies for any grammar mistakes, English is not my native language.
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If you have been running the ESEA client during the month of April, you have had malware running on your computer.

ESEA is a competitive league for TF2 and many other games. They require their client, a combination lobby and anticheat tool, to be running during any and all ESEA matches you are participating in.
It has recently come to light that ESEA admin and developer lpkane knowingly bundled a Bitcoin mining system in the client, which runs surreptitiously in the background, utilizing up to 100% of your GPU power and possibly causing long-term damage to your hardware. lpkane has reported profiting over $3600 US from this scheme.
More information:
From Lapper:
Please do not let the unfortunate actions of one man to forever turn you off to competitive TF2. There are many other trustworthy leagues, and ESEA will surely take steps to clean up its act. If you would like to learn more about competitive TF2, /TrueTF2 may be able to help.
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