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New is Wallet faster than Apple Pay, Gemini opens BCH trading with TradeView by - Official Channel

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Sites like GDAX with similar tradeview? /r/Bitcoin

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Bitstamp's Tradeview now accessible to everyone! Short url:

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Need help scraping a value from a site

Hello everyone. I need help scraping this value from this website
In particular i need to get the value of the bitcoin.
I know i could use requests and beautifulsoup, but it seems i can't get it done.
Thanks in advance for your time
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HEX Token - First Blockchain Certificate of Deposit

HEX is the first certificate of deposit on the blockchain! HEX pays trustless Interest with no counterparty risk. Given programmable money the first program should be interest.
HEX pays holders instead of miners. Staking HEX is like getting free mining hardware and electricity
Get Free HEX by signing your Bitcoin Transform ETH into HEX for the next year Stake HEX for up to 15 years
Launched December 2nd 2019 by Richard Heart and Team
So far over $1 Billion dollars worth of Bitcoin has claimed their free HEX, and over $5 million dollars of Ethereum has transformed into HEX

Bitcoin vs HEX
Tech Specs

HEX Contract in Laymans Terms

Get HEX Tokens
Transform ETH into HEX
Claim Free HEX by signing Bitcoin (BTC)

Contract Addresses


Hex Security Audit
Hex Financial/Economics Audit


Richard Heart
Whale Alert


Adoption Amplifier (AA)
Free Claims (BTC)
Fighting FUD
Live Bot


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Any real-time CBOE options quotes available? Their site only offers 10 minute delayed data.

As the title says. CBOE releases options data with a 10 minute delay, which is huge in BTC terms. Anyone know where to get real-time quotes?
Here's the non-live data for that matter:
I'm not opposed to paying for real-time data. If anyone knows a provider, let us know.
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BitCore Offcially enters Africa

BitCore Offcially enters Africa
BitCore is creating a big community across the world, After Europe and Asia, next step is Africa. We aim to be a great part of how Africa trade's going forward.

We have set up the #BitCore $BTX Africa Community. Meet our #African #Community #Manager, Opa. He will help to build a robust BTX Africa community and a bridge between the Africa community and the BTX global community.

Everyone is invited to join the official Africa community group:

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10-20 XRP transactions on both sides

Guys - hesitated to post this as I’m sure I’ve seen the question - and answer - before here, but cannot find it anywhere after 15 minutes of searching. So here goes....
When I look at XRP via TradeView on Bitstamp, I see loads of small 10-20 XRP transactions in the order book on both the buy side and the sell side. I recall someone stating that these are automated trades, but can someone please explain this to me? Appreciate that this would obviously give an inflated perception of trading volume, but how does this then manipulate the market or affect overall price? Is it a tactic to keep the price at a certain point? Is it so called “whales” that do this?
Thanks for your insights - genuine question - and no nasty responses telling me how stupid I am. I expect that type of behaviour over on Bitcoin, but not here where the grown-ups live. Cheers!
EDIT: the amounts look like they’ve mostly changed now to 16-25 XRP. I’d love to know what this is all about....
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[For Hire] Teenager with a lot of free time and some skills

Hey everyone. my name is Benjamin.
My parents recently got me a new computer and I'm very interested in bitcoins. But I am too young to get a real job and parents wont give me allowance or chores so here I am. I am pretty good at video editing and photoshop. I can edit videos with cool music and zoom in's and stuff and can make logos for your company or just funny memes and stuff with photoshop. I'm also willing to try to learn other jobs or anything to help someone for BTC!
I should say I am not a pro, but I am willing to work and learn and work for low wages. I have a lot of free time after school and believe bitcoin is the next big thing so I want to earn whatever I can. I just want a little piece of the action to make my life more exciting. I spend a lot of time reading reddit.. looking at the charts on tradeview.. reading predicitons.. I just want to be a part of the community.. even if its in a very small way. Thank you everyone and I hope to work with you.
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BitSeed standalone Bitcoin Core device

Longtime HODLER here; been involved since 2011 and have seen my fare of gadgets appear on the market. I have an old laptop with the latest 0.15.0 Core wallet running perpetually, for no other purpose than to support the network (I remember BIP148 UASF). I don't use the laptop for anything else, other than one tab with the on it all day long, playing over and over.
Now, I came across this BitSeed standalone Bitcoin Core device. Have any of you gotten this device? I am just wondering if it is cheaper, slower, faster, better, even worth the trouble. Or just what the experience was of buying and running it. Is it something that someone can build with separate components for a cheaper price? Is this just a repackaged Raspberry Pi with a hard-drive and self-bootable ROM? I know it could be because I bought a Piper Wallet years ago and that is basically what it was (plus a printer). Pretty cleverly engineered though. Too bad they aren't around anymore. I would gladly buy me a newer version of those.
Anyways, back to the point, I guess I need to be convinced a bit more to buy one of these BitSeed things. Anyone care to convince me, or deter me?
It seems they are out of stock at the moment and makes me wonder if they are still in business.
PS: Hey mods, I am no way related to the product(s) mentioned above. If I broke any rules by mentioning specific products, I am not promoting them. Just delete the post and let me know what I need to avoid next time. Thanks.
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Synergy CryptoAdviser, NEM Colombia and PundiX Conducted MeetUp to Discuss Trading and Applications of Blockchain Technology

Synergy CryptoAdviser, NEM Colombia and PundiX Conducted MeetUp to Discuss Trading and Applications of Blockchain Technology
The event was a kind of appetite for addressing some of the issues that will be discussed during the cycle of conferences scheduled in August 2018
This week a MeetUp sponsored by Synergy CryptoAdviser in partnership with the NEM Foundation took place in the city of Bogotá , which was aimed at addressing issues associated with trading processes for cryptocurrencies and real use cases for NEM technology. The meeting counted with the special participation of Joao Victor Mendes, representative from Brazil of the creative company of points of sale PundiX, who spoke in detail about the operation of the devices and the work they have done to promote the use of digital currencies as a means of payment.
The first presentation was given by Pedro Gutiérrez, director of NEM for Latin America and president of Synergy CryptoAdviser, who spoke in detail about some considerations that must be kept in mind when operating in the cryptocurrency markets.
Gutiérrez touched on important aspects such as the "Trading Psychology" and the elaboration of an operations plan, highlighting the management of risk capital, control over one's own emotions in situations of gain or loss, establishing adequate schedules to carry out operations, plan the distribution of profits, investment strategies and monitoring of results.
Gutiérrez then illustrated the attendees in relation to the aforementioned aspects by sharing some graphs reviewed by the Tradeview program , reporting on a series of indicators that should be kept in mind when making commercial moves in the different markets. Aspects such as the Ichimoku spots, Bollinger Bands, Williams Line and the Moving Average were cited as some of the main elements to be taken into account when thinking about entering or leaving the markets, since these are highly volatile and can be easily influenced by speculative issues and OTC investments.
The next speaker was Rafael Torres, ambassador of NEM for Colombia, who addressed mainly the cases of real use in which the NEM technology has been implemented successfully.
Among the projects cited by Torres were the cases of GreeOx - a hydroponics company that redistributes to just manage the profits produced by the participants -; Copyright Bank - Platform for the registration of patents and copyrights in the Blockchain of NEM -; Tutellus - Service for funding scholarships that operates a ranking system with PoI technology to monitor student progress - among others.
Torres stressed that unlike other Blockchain, NEM allows the processing of about 4,000 transactions per second, making it one of the most promising networks for large-scale projects, in addition to the development of products and services can be done with languages ​​of well-known programming instead of learning especially about Solidity for such a purpose. He also stressed that the NEM Foundation provides technical and financial support for promising proposals that have the potential to generate great impact, so it focuses its work towards the development of the community.
The last presentation was in charge of Joao Victor Mendes, special guest from Brazil on behalf of PundiX, company that has carried out the production of the first points of sale / dataphones specially designed for the processing of payments with cryptocurrencies.
Mendes said that the company has a vision of making easier the access to digital currencies for interested people, so the product allows easy and practical people to make payments with critpomonedas for any type of product. or service as well as the possibility of buying from the business operator balances in any digital currency that he possesses. Everything mentioned above through the hardware produced by the company.
The point of sale can connect via WiFi to the network or through BlueTooth with the operator's cell phone. The balances received will be stored in the wallet for mobile devices sponsored by the company and those interested in products - services may make the payment with Bitcoin, Ethereum, XEM, Bitcoin Cash or other cryptocurrencies. The process of payment with digital currencies can be done in the most traditional way with a mobile device or through a card designed by the company which at the moment only works in the dataphones.
In relation to the card, the product is linked to the application for mobile devices sponsored by the company, so the balances will be added or deducted from the total balance handled by the user. In case of loss, there is a white card that allows you to recover the respective balances, which must be kept in a secure place to which others do not have access.
The point of sale has internationally guaranteed security mechanisms, since in case of theft, loss or misuse, it is programmed to self-destruct if an outside operator tries to manipulate the associated funds through the hardware. The use of the device also includes limits of daily operations of up to USD $100, requesting identification data and others in case of exceeding this limit in accordance with the provisions of the KYC policies.
Mendes indicated that the device can be purchased through the website of the company and has a cost of USD $300, while the cards can be marketed by the operators of the points of sale and have a base cost of USD $1 implementing discounts of more than 50% for wholesale purchases. The PundiX representative added that at this moment the company is looking for business partners in Latin America and that it already has many users around the world thanks to the innovative potential of the solution they have designed. At the moment the only place where they do not operate is in the US because of the regulatory difficulties that apply to traders.
This solution implements technology designed by NEM to facilitate the realization of transactions at maximum speed and at a low cost, since thanks to the tokenization process that allows the Blockchain of the foundation, the points of sale do not have to deal with the long processing times that involve transactions in the Bitcoin or Ethereum networks, which originally involve the payment of very high commissions as well as very long waiting times.
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Why is bitcoin price so different from one site to another?

Im seeing bitcoin at $2450 at coindesk and then this website has it at 2300 already
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Tone Vays Time Based Indicator - Pine Script Code

The following post by wotsirB is being replicated because the post has been silently removed and some comments within it have been silently removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: Bitcoin/comments/75gxxm
The original post's content was as follows:
Been following Tone Vays for a while but he doesn't make his TD Setup & Countdown script available to his followers (as far as I can tell) and he never answered my email requests. So after a little research on Tom Demark's time-based analysis (which Tone uses) I've been able to rewrite the script for the tradeview pine editor. If anyone is interested in obtaining the script just send me a private message.
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How do you trade your bitcoin?

I recently got into bitcoin and just bought $50 worth. Seeing the massive potential for earnings with bitcoin I want to start pushing small amounts of money into it here and there when I can but I have some questions. I currently use Bitstamp to add USD to my account there and then trade using the Tradeview. Is this a safe and practical way to do this? When the time comes that I MIGHT want to stop hodling and withdraw my bitcoin could I just transfer it to my bank account using their site? If not what should I be using and a brief guide on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Edit: Not saying I won't hodl until the time when bitcoin is a universally accepted currency, but just in case of an emergency being able to withdraw my bitcoin into cash is important to me.
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Bitcoin Live Trading My Top Bitcoin Trading Tools - YouTube How to use Tradingview for Crypto - Beginner's Guide - YouTube Automate any Tradingview Strategy with 3commas - YouTube How to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Digital money that’s instant, private, and free from bank fees. Download our official wallet app and start using Bitcoin today. Read news, start mining, and buy BTC or BCH. Echtzeit-Intraday-Marktkursnotierungen auf TradingView. Wählen Sie aus Tausenden von Tickern aus, die eine umfassende Liste von Aktien, Währungen, Futures und andere Assetklassen verwenden. Real-time interface to buy and sell BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC. Use advance trading tools and customize your tradeview for the ultimate trading experience. This is your gateway to the crypto universe. Bitcoin – Not a currency [yet…?], what is it? Quite simply- until government and lawmakers pass regulation that allows Bitcoin to become an accepted form of legal tender, there are doubts and clouds over its sustainability going forward. Also consider this: Nothing prevents two parties from accepting payment for a good or service tendered. A farmer may exchange a cow for a dozen sheep ... 24TradeViewElite is world's leading cryptocurrency online investment and trading platform that offers Bitcoin trading options, provides 24/7 customer support, high level of security, and stable deposits and withdrawals.

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Bitcoin Live Trading

Check out the blog post: ===== Join our wealth building community for investors and entrepreneurs: https:... This video shows how you can automate any tradingview strategy via 3commas. If you have any additional questions or strategy adjustments, feel free to post i... Bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrency: How I keep up with news, charts, trading and safely holding - Duration: 12:57. Menno Pietersen 18,656 views Going over the most basic features of Tradingview Follow me on Twitter: BITCOIN MATH WITH MCAFEE! - Duration: 17:05. AIBC Summit 113,548 views. 17:05. Bill Poulos Presents: Call Options & Put Options Explained In 8 Minutes (Options For Beginners) - Duration: 7:56. ...