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Welcome to Alpha 0.001 of HueHue, LED controller for Arduino!

Seeing the recent demand for the application, i'm going to publish a first public alpha, but first some explanations:
The hardware needed:
Setting up the Hardware Here is where you can get a little creative, if you are running WS2812B:
Now, use a USB cable to connect the Arduino to a USB port on your PC, if you need an example,there is this old post of mine when i first did it with some ideas, other ideas include cutting and soldering the LED strips on the exact shape of your case, using acrylic pieces as a diffuser for more subtle lighting, using it as a underglow, using a internal USB header for better cable management, your LED setup can be as good as you want and can do.
I also recommend using a stronger double sided tape than the included on the led strip, as they tend to fall with time, or hot glue.
Setting up the software
First, you need to download and install the Arduino IDE for Desktop, after that, you need to install the FastLED library on it, for this, open the Arduino IDE, then go into [Sketch > Include Library >Manage Library], type FASTLED on the search box, and click install. Now, select the type of Arduino you have on [Tools > Board Type] and choose the COM Port of your arduino on [Tools > COM Port], usually its anything besides port 1.
Now, go into my GitHub and download the latest release of HueHue, extract the files somewhere on your PC (You can create a HueHue folder on ProgramFiles or something like that), open HueHue, go into the little COG on the top right, type the biggest quantity of LEDS you have on the Arduino, from there you can set the application to autostart running too when you boot, more settings should be coming soon.
Now, close the settings window, click on the plus button on "My Devices", click on Arduino, copy the script shown, paste it on the Arduino IDE, and click the upload button to burn the driver onto the Arduino, if everything went fine, go back into HueHue and check if the Com Port is the same as the Arduino IDE, name your device and click "ADD", and you are good to go.
Using the software
Click Start, set the brightness, choose your effect and pimp your PC, or your room, or your TV, anything where you can put a led strip. Effects should be self-explanatory, Joystick reactive is primarily meant for Guitar Hero controllers, but i'm working on making it more flexible, "Comet Mode" is a broken mess, don't use it, Music mode is is under heavy work and i'm deciding how and where to go with it yet, might take a while.
If you have used it, i would like to ask you to post your creation here, and i hope this was helpful, and that my software made things easier for you.
I created this because a Hue+ in Brazil is REALLY expensive, 150USD+, with this, i could build my LED system for 10USD, i hope it was this useful for you.
If you like my work, you can pay me a coffee on paypal or bitcoin (174LnSVCdrX4CnVS84jom7by2hMBGvJobm), or follow me for my other projects like /UWPHook or OverFy, i will keep building Open-source tools for the community, as helping others is something good that i can do with my programming skills.
Thanks, and if you have any doubts, problems, or ideas for HueHue or other projects, reply to this thread or send me a DM and i'll make sure to help and guide you on getting up and running.
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